Lean Product Development

Product Development is hard

There are multiple reasons behind this simple fact – most notably, business people do not use technical speak and vice versa. Communication gaps are expected, but they need focused attention as early as possible – yet another problem with a starting business, where every minute is of utmost importance.

How about a solution?

What we offer is simple – a streamlined communication process bundled with a fine blend of agile and lean techniques to overcome these limitations. While none of these techniques are new or revolutionary, many organizations tend to either disregard them or not follow them effectively.

We bring our experience of having built multiple MVPs over the last few years – across continents and cultures, and product/market-fits. We believe in ideas as much as the founders, yet our process brings discipline and clarity as early as the first product sprint.

What does it involve?

Every startup is different – from the founding team’s culture to the optimal technology chosen. That is why we tailor the partnership individually. The goal is still lean product development through agile coding, but the means to get there vary. Interested to find out more? Make sure to drop us a line!