Machine Learning and AI


A challenge for today and tomorrow

We have always been a data-driven company, and our customers have always been data-aware. Not always did they, however, extract, distill and employ data insights to reach business decisions – and that’s precisely what we want to help them streamline.


How is our solution and how can this added value be unlocked?

Today’s economy offers various economies of scale opportunities, but the low-hanging fruit is unlocking the potential of an organization’s data. To achieve that, we support teams with state-of-the-art tech, tailored to the specific business need. As usual, solutions are enterprise-ready by default –and able to scale effortlessly within a private cloud.

On the other hand, AI enables our marketing partners to deliver higher-value analysis based on more data points – sometimes collected through omnichannel bots.

As with most of our other engagements, we propose starting small – by building a PoC with your data and measuring impact of the business insight and lessons learned.


Chatbots as an omnichannel source

Among the many gamechangers that AI brings, chatbots are perceived by many as the “next big thing in marketing”. The reason? The ability to collect meaningful, contextual data from a multitude of channels at limited cost. Going forward, we perceive this offering as pivotal.