How it all comes together, one step at a time

Step 1: Interview the client01

Get a good understanding of your business and your ideas. Before we can create a solution customized for you, we need to understand how your business works and why you are the leader in your industry. We are more than just builders – we will also guide the tech strategy of your product to improve your chances of success.


Step 2: Define Project Scope

Transform ideas into reality. We assemble wireframes and define clear user stories. We collaborate with you from the start. The specification phase conveys look and feel from the very beginning of the development cycle.


03. Prioritizing User Stories

Assign priority to each user story based on importance. We have a lot of experience in defining what is important and what not. Our prioritizing process will reduce development times and decrease costs. You can also expect to get a working version of your product in a quicker manner.

04. Development04

Get the job done, the agile way. Trusted frameworks, reliable technologies, extensive know-how and, of course, our amazing programmers working on your product. Building a rock-solid application the agile way is what we do best. Expect nothing but exceptional code quality, scalability and reliability.

05. Testing and Feedback05

Iterate, analyze, test, improve. These are just a few ways we ensure that your application will perform without a hitch. Our QA-Team will deliver enhanced product quality and make sure that the final version you receive is truly bug-free.

06. Technical Support and Customization06

We don’t go away just because the project has been completed. We are here for you – please feel free to share your stories with us and ask for changes and improvements. Our industry knowledge, fresh ideas and cutting-edge technology will help you compete and position yourself better than ever.

Work Methodology

We aim at creating long-term solutions and results by perfectly understanding the client’s business needs.

Our development process is based on the agile methodology and we rely on SCRUM for the software delivery and project management area. We are in continuous contact with our clients and split the project functionality in small increments which are then tracked and delivered on time and with the expected quality.

We are fully aware that specifications can change during the development phase and this approach allows us to accept and process such changes without considerable impact on the current project status.