Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool used to gauge customer and brand loyalty. Over time and research, NPS has proven to be a leading indicator of growth for brands.

We developed a standalone solution to collect and analyze customer feedback. Our software covers the whole feedback cycle – from planning and execution of the survey, to result analysis and improvement planning, to sharing improvements with the customer. We’ve integrated industry standards with disruptive innovation like sentiment analysis to discern patterns from trends – and act on the latter.

Information Security

A rich UI tool that collects,analyses and visualizes the current vulnerability and risk state of your environment and compares it to the industry averages.

Based on one of the most innovative vulnerability trackers, the dashboard prioritizes issues your team should handle first and constantly recalculates security risk scores. The tool is very suitable while preparing for an audit, or continually complying with ISO 27001:2013 or PCI DSS.


An interface between elderly patients, health insurance companies, physicians, caretakers and logistics companies. Automation revolution in the segment.

Most of the details on this project are confidential, and work has been performed under stringent requirements from HIPAA and German Information Laws.