Information Security

Information Security is a tall order

Whenever we talk about Healthcare or Marketing or any service that handles confidential data, our minds and hearts are dealing with the trouble of securing our customer’s assets. And the higher the stake, the higher the risk.

Experience is key

Our CTO, for example, has served as Chief Security Officer for multiple large-scale corporations, like Alcatel-Lucent, AON, Ericsson. By leveraging this cross-industry experience and following the latest trends in information security, we achieve high dependability and confidence in securing intellectual property. The wider team is often invited to share examples of our way of working.

Product development in the area

And then there are our co-owned products. Data visualization is especially important when prioritizing your work and security compliance is all about proper prioritization. As this niche synergizes well with our expertise, we’ve developed multiple dashboards to help organizations assess risks and act on findings in real-time: as the vulnerabilities surface.

Our Customers